Leader in the Making

Module 1 : Role & Responsibility

  • Management skills – planning, decision making, problem solving, delegation and meeting management
  • Organizing department and teams – designing job roles in the group, hiring process and training
  • Manage employee performance – setting goals, observing and giving feedback, addressing performance issue, firing employees
  • Conforming to personnel policies and other internal regulations

Module 2 : Understanding Our Leadership Style

  • Differentiate 4 main leadership styles
  • Using Personality Profiling to discover ourselves

Module 3 : The Leadership Desired Quality

  • The top 5 quality – commitment, analytical thinking, search for solution, people/result oriented and engage others to collaborate

Module 4 : The 4Ds in Leadership

  • Desire – aim and target
  • Determination – the process of making it happen
  • Discipline – able to control own thoughts and behavior
  • Don’t quit – never stop even fail