Every HERO need a Team, Every Team need a HERO


Every Team Needs A Hero, Every Hero Needs A Team

Whenever you hear the word ‘hero’ you probably automatically put the word ‘super’ in front of it and picture someone in cape and red underwear beating up some alien coming out of the sky over New York.  In our training, we believe that you do not need a cape to be a Superhero (or beat up someone and red underwear is optional).  We believe that everyone has a Super Hero inside of him or her waiting to be discovered.  If you can wake up every morning, loving what you do, help and inspire others around you to be better than they were yesterday, then you are a REAL-LIFE SUPER HERO.  BE A RHYTHMIC HERO Team Building, is a 2D1N program that is inspired by Super Heroes to empower Real Life Heroes to push themselves through series of discoveries that will ensure they are pushed to a greater height and operate at their true potential to make a difference for themselves and others.


BE A RHYTHMIC HERO Team Building aims to inculcate into each participant through interactive and engaging learning on mindset management, empowerment, communication and teamwork. Throughout BE A RHYTHMIC HERO Team Building, participants will also learn the core aspects of being empowered to lead, communicate and work together in a team. At the end of BE A RHYTHMIC HERO Team Building, participants shall hold in their hands specific concepts and experiences that can propel themselves, their team and organization toward greater heights in teamwork and leadership.

The Characteristic of a HERO:

H – Helper (Hero always there to lend a helping hand)

E – Energizer (Hero is an energy giver)

R – Responder (Hero always respond with a positive mindset)

O – Overcomer (Hero overcomes challenges & make things happen)                


BE A RHYTHMIC HERO Team Building is engaging and allows participants to internalize the concepts learnt. There is a mixture of indoor and outdoor engaging activities used throughout this program to further facilitate adult learning.


 All levels Employees who are interested in creating sustainable teamwork within organization


Upon completion of BE A RHYTHMIC HERO, Teams should be able to:

  • Make positive choices as a choice maker in their own lives.
  • Respond appropriately when faced with undesired situations and changes.
  • Compensate and collaborate with each other’s weakness and limitations.
  • Overcome changes together as a team through effective communication and delegation.
  • Take proactive initiatives to make things happen as an individual and as a team.
  • Support one another through challenges to achieve a common goal.
  • Work at one’s full potential to achieve a common goal.
  • Developing leadership skills in communication, team work and achieving success together

Duration : From 1 day to 3 days 


*This is a standard Outline , we can tailor made to suit to your needs. Do contact us for more detail.