Problem Solving & Decision Making in Leadership

Module 1 : The Connection of Human and Problem Solving

  • Defining problem in general
  • Categorizing problem – 4 types
    • Simple and obvious
    • Complicated
    • Complex
    • Chaotic or crisis
  • Feeling and thinking in problem solving
    • The way we see the problem whether is positive or negative in generalization
    • How emotions can influence our reactions and identifying credible criteria

Module 2 : The Personality in Problem Solving

  • EDNA Personality Profiling

Module 3 : Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Define problem-solving and the possible cause
  • Making the best of choice based on 3Ps – Product, Process and People
  • Application of 6-Thinking Hats in making decision
    • Blue Hat – “Begin with End in Mind” (Checklist)
    • White Hat – It is all about FACTS
    • Green Hat – Be not afraid to explore and be MAD! (Make a Difference)
    • Yellow Hat – Look for the positive outcome
    • Black Hat – Be careful of the danger ahead
    • Red Hat – Get in touch with our KEMO