Performance Monitoring Management

Module 1 :  Job & Task Analysis

  • Examine job description
  • Defining outputs and duties required to deliver it
  • Defining boundaries (can/cannot)

Module 2 : Current Performance Analysis

  • Measurement of individual abilities
  • Matching current competency of an individual

Module 3 : Monitor and Manage Performance Based on Capabilities

  • Star performer – Competent and willing
  • New recruit – Incompetent and willing
  • Reluctant performer – Competent and unwilling
  • Unproductive – Incompetent and unwilling

Module 4 : The 5Cs Concept in Monitoring Performance

  • Getting them to view it as commitment or quit
  • Encourage open communication to diagnose root cause of non-performing
  • Clarifying the goals and roles that one need to display in order to perform
  • Identify the best method to coach and guide them to perform
  • Provide them platform to discussion and suggestion for self-improvement

Module 5 : Performance Management – Providing Feedback

  • Purpose of feedback is to correct; not punishment
  • Managing emotion prior to feedback session which will also reduce conflict
  • Location and time planning to ensure effective feedback session
  • The importance of clear and concise 2-way communication method applied in feedback session