Mastering Communication

Module 1 : Methods in Communication

  • The common processes use to communicate
  • The basic of Non-Verbal Communication – Body Language
  • The basic of Verbal Communication – Talking and Writing
  • Choice of words – using the IMF Format
  • Creating an image in communication

Module 2 : Listen with the Intend to Understand

  • Concept in listening
  • Receiving it without prejudice and assumption – discipline in mindset
  • Translating in our ‘own’ language – bridging it
  • Paraphrasing – clarification and confirmation
  • Thinking it thoroughly – seek for deeper understanding
  • Barrier in listening
  • Why they don’t listen?
  • What is our listening styles?

Module 3 : Questioning Skills

  • Recognize the numerous method to pose question
  • Begin with end in mind – the result we are seeking for
  • Identify the answer we are hoping for and justify our reason