Mastering Communication


Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Enhance awareness of the importance of effective communications towards increased effectiveness in workplace
  • Upgrade knowledge in the various aspects, process and principles of communication
  • Provide opportunities to practice assertive communication skills in specific contexts
  • Help you become more effective communicators and therefore are able to interact with others at all levels
  • Develop interpersonal skills to overcome the barrier in communication in workplace


This is an interactive training program, whereby participants are to gain the learning points through lectures, discussion and experiential activities. 


Module 1 – Getting There

  • Discover the purpose and direction of communication
  • Make or break of a connection in communication with First Impressions
  • Personal interactions – The Dos and Don’ts 

Module 2 – Method & Process

  • Non-verbal, paraverbal and verbal
  • IMF Format to create less conflict in communication
  • The PDCA Cycles in Communication Skills – 5W and 1H
  • The feedback system to encourage two way communication culture

Module 3 – The Focus and Attention to Elevate Communication

  • Most important skills is ability to listen actively
  • Barrier in listening and how to overcome it
  • Our listening style – Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic
  • Managing perception and judgmental view
  • Effective questioning skills
  • Focus and listen to understand their view
  • Ask with intend to reach agreement
  • Choice of questioning to reach the end result
  • Responding to situation
    • Evaluating the situation
    • Giving advice and information
    • Providing compliments and constructive feedback
  • Using emotional and social intelligence in communication
    • Ten tips to improve our EQ and SQ
    • Law of attraction : Be positive

Module 4 – Managing Self to Manage Others in Communication

  • Personality profiling : EDNA tools
  • Differentiate the preferences of each personality
  • Learn how to interact with them
*This is a standard Outline , we can tailor made to suit to your needs. Do contact us for more detail.