Destress with Laughter Arts


Employees are your assets. After more than a year of work from home, lots of people are facing mental health issues? How can you help your staff to overcome stress, anxiety, and negative emotions in the new normal lifestyles? How to make them laugh more often, engagement and team spirits during this difficult time?

Why Laughter Yoga

  • Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where anyone can laugh for HEALTH REASONS, without relying on humor, jokes or comedy.
  • Rediscover your inner child, learn how to unlock the secret to becoming more joyful, healthier and at peace – all through this beneficial laughter exercise program.
  • Open yourself up and get ready to embrace laughter.
  • Laughter Yoga for HEALTH, CONNECTION and MOTIVATION!
  • Laughter helps to provide human connection and emotional bonding and is one of the most powerful tools against depression and loneliness.

Through virtual activities like Laughter Yoga, we combine fun activities with yoga breathing. Technology will focus on a mix of breathing, laughter, and eye contact to create bonding between teams. This fun, light aerobic exercise increases blood circulation, kicks away depression, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, releases endorphins, increases oxygen flow, and brings teams together. Laughter yoga also known as laughter therapy, the “yoga”   part comes from breathing, not posture, non-religion.

Laughter Yoga Tips will focus on:

  1. Improves health and well-being
  2. Clapping, chanting and laughter exercises
  3. Deep breath and laughter meditation
  4. Relax and relieve stress
  5. Yoga Nidra and breathing meditation

10-15 minutes of laughter exercise everyday can help:

  1. Develop employee creativity and productivity
  2. Promote the best performance of employees
  3. Provides a way for employees to manage stress, balance and manage emotions
  4. Develop an optimistic, actionable, enthusiastic, and positive attitude
  5. Enhance communication skills, build team spirit, create a happy work environment
  6. Improve self-confidence, leadership, affinity, cohesion.

Module 1: The Science Behind Laughter

  • The four pillars of wellness
  • The importance of laughter in daily life
  • Introduce Laughter Exercise
  • Introduce Humming Meditation

Module 2: Essential Link between Yoga and Laughter

  • Benefits of Breathing
  • Breath connect meditation
  • Difference between Laughter yoga and comedies
  • Elements of Laughter Exercises, Meditation and Dance

Module 3: Benefits to Laughter Yoga

  • Health benefit towards wellness, personal development, healing, confidence and relationship
  • The Happy Chemical
  • Introduce Gibberish Laughter and Brain Gym Laughter
  • Four Strategies to bring more laughter into life
  • The elements of Joy
  • Positive affirmation

*This is a standard Outline , we can tailor made to suit to your needs. Do contact us for more detail