Delegating & Motivating Employee Skills

Module 1 : The Factor of Planning in Delegation and Motivation

  • The main elements to cause challenges in our planning
  • Evaluate possible alternative before implementation – using SMART theory

Module 2 : The Art of Delegation

  • Preparing for individual’s readiness and willingness
  • Assessing tasks that could or couldn’t be delegated
  • Apply the basic delegation skills systematically manner
    • Match their knowledge and skills
    • Explanation of purpose and target – specific message or notes
    • Allow space for clarification process and Q&A
    • Flexibility in getting task done – compliances and non

Module 3 : Art of Motivation

  • History of people motivation level – Maslow and McGregor Theory
  • The analysing process in motivation – OEDCR
  • Introduction to Gilbert 6-Boxes – understanding why people is not motivated

Module 4 : Employee Motivation Factor

  • The fundamental of motivation – History of people and motivation (Maslow Hierachy)
  • Recognize each individual strength and weakness in team and help to develop them
  • Identify the best approach in leading and communication to manage individuals in team
  • Apply 6 Gilbert Boxes to motivate team members by observing, evaluating, diagnosing, deciding, communicating & resolving (solutions)